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Project Description

PQSecure is a security solutions company specializing in the area of quantum-safe cryptographic solutions with a focus on low resource devices such as IoT.

PQSecure began as a university spin-off from Dr. Reza Azarderakhsh’s computer engineering lab at Florida Atlantic University. Since then PQSecure has been designing and developing production-ready cryptographic solutions to fit all types of security needs from servers and cloud computing all the way down to small IoT devices.

We work with governments, original manufacturers and OEMs to study, test, migrate and implement quantum-safe security solutions and increase their crypto-agility for future transitions. Our cryptographic solutions focus on low power and small footprint solutions so they may be used in the smallest of connected devices.

Our product line is always growing and expanding to fit the needs of our customers and partners.

Project Details
  • Startup: PQSecure
  • Founded: 2017
  • Capabilities: Post-quantum cryptography
  • Home: www.pqsecurity.com
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