How We Help

Fact Based Insight quantum advisory helps you seize opportunity and avoid risk

Fact Based Insight - prepare for tomorrow : how we helpWhether you are an investor, a startup or an established industry player seeking to engage with quantum technology for the first time, our consulting and quantum advisory services are designed to meet the specific current needs of your business.

We work with our clients today to help them prepare for tomorrow.

Make the right moves into quantum technology:
Advisory briefings on quantum technology - prepare your team to drive evaluation discussions and investment decisions.
Quantum SWOT on targeted investments - underline key strengths and identify areas of concern for further investigation.
Due diligence support - flexible support to help you conclude the right deal.
Better understand the customers you are targeting:
Business plan tailoring - talk with confidence about your customer's industries.
Quantum market forecast - add weight by referencing independent segment forecasts.
Value proposition and sales messaging - tailor your language and priorities to those of your customers.
Mobilise your organisation in to action:
Advisory briefings on quantum technology - prepare and inspire your organisation.
Quantum 5-Forces assessment - identify the dynamics that will affect your key business markets.
Roadmap and partner planning - mobilise a practical quantum programme.
Stay up-to-date with key developments:
Analysis on key trends and events lets you stay ahead of developments and understand the questions to ask.
Assessment of leading products and players across the quantum landscape.
Briefings to help you engage your colleagues and mobilise your team.