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  • Seven quantum technology projects awarded grants
    With quantum technology, space exploration is possible, satellite television works and Google Maps help take us home. This technology is both  ... read more
    Source: Alert – Quantum TechnologyFebruary 15, 2019
  • In-Memory Computing Using Photonic Memory Devices
    Could light be the answer to the future of more energy-efficient and faster computing? Today, our collaborative team of scientists led by Oxford and IBM Research-Zurich, with colleagues at Exeter and Munster, published a new research paper that points to its potential. Together we have developed an all-optical approach to ... read more
    Source: IBM Research Quantum Computing – NewsFebruary 15, 2019
  • Introducing PlaNet: A Deep Planning Network for Reinforcement Learning
    Posted by Danijar Hafner, Student Researcher, Google AIResearch into how artificial agents can improve their decisions over time is progressing rapidly via reinforcement learning (RL). For this technique, an agent observes a stream of sensory inputs (e.g. camera images) while choosing actions (e.g. motor commands), and sometimes receives a reward ... read more
    Source: Google AI BlogFebruary 15, 2019
  • Explainer: What is quantum communication?
    Researchers and companies are creating ultra-secure communication networks that could form the basis of a quantum internet. This is how it works. ... read more
    Source: Alert – Quantum TechnologyFebruary 15, 2019
  • QuantIC at Photonics West 2019 – a wee wrap up
    QuantIC has just returned from a successful exhibition at Photonics West. The event saw more than 23,000 registered attendees this year, making it the biggest Photonics West to date. With hundreds of product launches and live demonstrations, as well as the staggering number of technologies on display, the exhibition floor ... read more
    Source: QuantIC – NewsFebruary 15, 2019
  • Les 10 meilleurs courts métrages quantiques
    Friday, February 15, 2019 « Étrangement fascinant », a déclaré un membre du jury. « Un concept très audacieux », a dit un autre. « Original et amusant » a été un 3e commentaire. Vous pouvez maintenant juger par vous-même de la qualité des films soumis à la plus récente édition du festival Quantum Shorts du court ... read more
    Source: Institute of Quantum Computing, Waterloo – NewsFebruary 15, 2019
  • Joining Up the Quantum Dots
    ​A pollination biologist from Stellenbosch University is using quantum dots to track the fate of individual pollen grains. This is breaking new ground in  ... read more
    Source: Alert – Quantum TechnologyFebruary 14, 2019
  • Head to Head Research: Seagate Technology (STX) against Quantum (OTCMKTS:QMCO)
    Seagate Technology (NASDAQ:STX) and Quantum (OTCMKTS:QMCO) are both computer and technology companies, but which is the better stock? ... read more
    Source: Alert – Quantum TechnologyFebruary 14, 2019
  • Solutions you can trust
    Things are getting real in the quantum technology space. And as quantum computing matures, the need for solutions helping to achieve high-performance control operations is growing. But how do you know you can trust an approach appearing in the market to deliver when the rubber hits the road? The team ... read more
    Source: Q-CTRL – NewsFebruary 14, 2019
  • Independent report: Air accident monthly bulletin February 2019
    Updated: Individual reports featured in the February Bulletin are now available to view.February Bulletin 2/2019 AAIB Field Investigations A field investigation is an independent investigation in which AAIB investigators collect, record and analyse evidence. The process may include, attending the scene of the accident or serious incident; interviewing witnesses; reviewing ... read more
    Source: UK Government Publications – News on QuantumFebruary 14, 2019
  • Presenting the top ten Quantum Shorts films
    Thursday, February 14, 2019 “Weirdly compelling,” was one judge’s comment. “A very adventurous concept,” said another. “Creative and funny,” came a third verdict. Now you can judge the entries to the latest edition of the Quantum Shorts film festival yourself! The shortlist is finally ready for your input. ... read more
    Source: Institute of Quantum Computing, Waterloo – NewsFebruary 14, 2019
  • Quantum Software Developer
    Quantum Software Developer | Full-Time | Toronto Summary of Position and Responsibilities Xanadu, a well-funded quantum computing startup located in downtown Toronto, is looking for quantum software developers. As part of the Xanadu Software Team, the candidate will be responsible for developing and maintaining cutting-edge software libraries focused on quantum computing, machine ... read more
    Source: Xanadu – NewsFebruary 13, 2019
  • The IBM Q Network: Organizations Collaborate on Quantum Goals
    Since launching its Q Network initiative in 2017, IBM Research has been working with more than 40 Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, research labs and startups worldwide to advance the state-of-the art in quantum computing technology for commercial use. The diverse institutions and industries in the network are getting ready ... read more
    Source: IBM Research Quantum Computing – NewsFebruary 13, 2019
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