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  • New funding adds fuel to Waterloo’s quantum computing dreams
    Lazaridis said that even without full-blown powerful quantum computers, the insights about quantum technology are already leading to economic  ... read more
    Source: Alert – Quantum TechnologyApril 19, 2019
  • Quantum Politics
    Superposition, entanglement, spooky action at a distance – quantum physics is truly weird. We are surrounded by quantum devices, such as transistors inside computers and cell phones, GPS systems, medical devices etc., things that only work because they cleverly leverage quantum properties. Still, we mostly keep advances in quantum tech ... read more
    Source: QuintessenceLabs – NewsroomApril 18, 2019
  • QuantIC’s Professor Martin Dawson delivers keynote talk at ICDT 2019
    QuantIC’s Professor Martin Dawson at the University of Strathclyde delivered a Keynote talk on Micro-LED technology to an audience of 1200 attendees at the International Conference on Display Technology (ICDT) 2019. Held in Kunshun, China from 26-29 March, the ICDT is the only display technology conference held solely by the ... read more
    Source: QuantIC – NewsApril 18, 2019
  • MorphNet: Towards Faster and Smaller Neural Networks
    Posted by Andrew Poon, Senior Software Engineer and Dhyanesh Narayanan, Product Manager, Google AI Perception Deep neural networks (DNNs) have demonstrated remarkable effectiveness in solving hard problems of practical relevance such as image classification, text recognition and speech transcription. However, designing a suitable DNN architecture for a given problem continues ... read more
    Source: Google AI BlogApril 17, 2019
  • 5 Ways Quantum Computing Will Change the World
    By Martin Laforest, PhD, Senior Product Manager and Quantum Technology Expert, ISARA Corporation Published on April 17, 2019. In the days after I resigned from my position as the senior manager of scientific outreach at the Institute for Quantum Computing to join ISARA Corporation, one esteemed colleague after another would ... read more
    Source: ISARA – NewsApril 17, 2019
  • Broadband quadrature-squeezed vacuum and nonclassical photon number correlations from a nanophotonic device
    We report the first demonstrations of both quadrature squeezed vacuum and photon number difference squeezing generated in an integrated nanophotonic device. Squeezed light is generated via strongly driven spontaneous four-wave mixing below threshold in silicon nitride microring resonators.   The post Broadband quadrature-squeezed vacuum and nonclassical photon number correlations from a ... read more
    Source: Xanadu – NewsApril 17, 2019
  • Kick-off Nationale Agenda Quantum Technologie
    Nederland heeft een uitstekende startpositie om de kansen die quantumtechnologie biedt te verzilveren. Nederlandse universiteiten en kennisinstellingen hebben een leidende positie in de wereldwijde ontwikkeling van quantumhardware en -software en de bijbehorende algoritmen en toepassingen. Deze positie wil Nederland behouden en verder uitbouwen. De spelers in het Nederlandse quantum-ecosysteem, waaronder ... read more
    Source: QuSoft – BlogApril 17, 2019
  • Prepare for Quantum Protection
    In a recently featured article from the Journal of Cyber Policy, staff writer Hugh Taylor delves into the quantum computer security perspective where quantum computers build anticipation for cybersecurity entrepreneurs and computer scientists alike.  With an array of physical and logistical challenges, practical quantum computing could be ten years away and ... read more
    Source: Quantum Xchange – NewsApril 16, 2019
  • Take Your Best Selfie Automatically, with Photobooth on Pixel 3
    Posted by Navid Shiee, Senior Software Engineer and Aseem Agarwala, Staff Research Scientist, Google AI Taking a good group selfie can be tricky—you need to hover your finger above the shutter, keep everyone’s faces in the frame, look at the camera, make good expressions, try not to shake the camera ... read more
    Source: Google AI BlogApril 16, 2019
  • Q-CTRL Releases New Open-source Quantum Control Package for IBM Q Experience
    Sydney quantum computing startup, Q-CTRL, is releasing an open-source library of techniques focused on error suppression that is compatible with IBM Q hardware. This library enables researchers and end-users to experience the core technology underpinning Q-CTRL products, which has the power to deliver large performance improvements for quantum computing hardware ... read more
    Source: Q-CTRL – NewsApril 16, 2019
  • NC State and IBM Build Hub for Quantum Computing Research (Campus Technology)
    "As a leading public research university, North Carolina State University recognized that it wanted to start a program to educate students on quantum  ... read more
    Source: Alert – Quantum TechnologyApril 16, 2019
  • A Real-World Quantum Computer Application: Random Numbers – Challenges, Results and a Bug.
    As you may know, producing good quality random numbers is far from easy – yet they are incredibly important. Random numbers protect every cryptographic operation and many security foundations rely on random numbers being really random. But how can a computer who “stupidly” follows a pre-defined program create random numbers? ... read more
    Source: QuintessenceLabs – NewsroomApril 15, 2019
  • Exploring molecular excited states with CQC using IBM’s Qiskit
    An expository article on quantum chemistry with a detailed description of a method to explore molecular excited states is linked below. An additional link to a tutorial that explains how Terra and Aqua packages can be maximised via CQC’s proprietary compiler t|ket>. Among the many ground-breaking uses of quantum computers, ... read more
    Source: CQC – Cambridge Quantum Computing – NewsApril 15, 2019
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