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QV Progression at Quantinuum Showing Quantum Volume (QV) and Heavy Output Outcome Percents (h). Credit: Quantinuum Quantinuum has announced... Read more
Published on: 2022-09-28


According to the IC Insights, automotive IC sales expected to post ... and ITRI to Develop Next-gen Semiconductor for... Read more
Published on: 2022-09-28

Imaging & Sensing

$4M NSF award brings next-generation microscope to UIC | UIC Today  UIC Today... Read more
Published on: 2022-09-28


Microsoft aims to empower innovators with quantum at scale for breakthrough impact. Learn how during IEEE Quantum Week 2022.... Read more
Published on: 2022-09-19


In July 2022, researchers at the Faculty of Informatics at Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) in Budapest, created a quantum... Read more
Published on: 2022-09-26


The post Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland 2022 appeared first on Bluefors.... Read more
Published on: 2022-09-28
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Quantum physics is a notorious rule-breaker. For example, it makes the classical laws of thermodynamics, which describe how heat... Read more


Most problems in uncertainty quantification, despite its ubiquitousness in scientific computing, applied mathematics and data science, remain formidable on... Read more
Published on: 1970-01-01

Thought Leaders

We’re building a factory in Maryland.  It’ll tower over the University of Maryland campus, a behemoth of 19th-century brick... Read more