Quantum Technology News


Although the division is new, it actually has been ColdQuanta's core business since they started and well before they... Read more
Published on: 2021-10-20


House lawmakers examine tech's impact on kids  Politico... Read more
Published on: 2021-10-20

Imaging & Sensing

New Analysis from Global Industry Analysts Reveals Exciting Growth for LiDAR, with the Market to Reach $2.4 Billion Worldwide... Read more
Published on: 2021-10-20


We're excited to invite Python developers to experience the open Azure Quantum ecosystem with an expanded stack. With new... Read more
Published on: 2021-10-07


This webinar, presented by Prof. Hugo Zbinden, will explore the development of the detector technology that has allowed quantum... Read more
Published on: 2021-10-19


Single Quantum is now a proud member of EPIC (European Photonics Industry Consortium). EPIC is the industry association that... Read more
Published on: 2021-10-04


Carbon is not the shiniest element, nor the most reactive, nor the rarest. But it is one of the... Read more


We discuss how the language of wave functions (state vectors) and associated non-commuting Hermitian operators naturally emerges from classical... Read more
Published on: 2020-12-10

Thought Leaders

In my last post, I wrote (among other things) about an ongoing scientific debate between the group of Chaoyang... Read more
Published on: 2021-10-10