Helping business prepare for tomorrow

Evidence drives science. Science powers technology. Technology enables business advantage.

Technological progress is the foundation of competitive advantage and shareholder value in modern business. This is an era of unparalleled dynamism. Traditional value chains have been disrupted and will be disrupted again. If you misjudge the pace and direction of change, then you miss opportunity and create risk.

Whether the vector is the large scale application of new data science techniques and artificial intelligence, or new energy, biotech or quantum technology, the future impacts are wide ranging across and within traditional sectors.

Fact Based Insight helps business and investors anticipate how new discoveries and new thinking in selected high impact areas will change the way the world works.

Founder – David Shaw MA PhD MInsP

David has worked extensively in Consulting, Market Analysis and Advisory businesses across a wide range of sectors including:

– Energy

– Healthcare

– Technology

– Financial Serivces

He has held a number of senior executive roles in public and private companies. His skills include:

– Business strategy

– Market analysis

– Project and programme management

– Business development and expansion

– Partnering and joint ventures

David studied Physics at Balliol College, Oxford and has a PhD in Particle Physics from UCL. He is a member of the Institute of Physics.



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