Quantum Outlook 2022

2022 will be a test for the herd of quantum unicorns that has now formed. Which way will the market turn? Expectations on when new algorithms and software will be able to delivery genuine quantum advantage differ widely. The long term importance of the Quantum Internet as a destination for the sector is increasingly clear. How should investors prepare themselves to face the challenges and seize the opportunities offered by this deepest of deep tech sectors?

Quantum Hardware Outlook

Big ticket investments have created a growing number of quantum unicorns. Chinese strides with photonic and superconducting qubits have grabbed attention. Trapped ions have shone with demonstrations of logical qubits. But who is winning the race to build a practical quantum computer?

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Quantum Algorithms Outlook

In contrast to the hype, the early applications of quantum computers look modest. But they do exist. The talented teams developing quantum algorithms still have a fight on their hands to bring forward the date of true broad quantum advantage. What might be achieved and when?

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Quantum Software Outlook

Quantum Software Outlook

IBM continues to lead the quantum cloud, but faces real competition to service early quantum applications. Building the future of this market still looks like a long game. It may be more important to pick a partner with the right strategy than just to compare today’s product features.

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Quantum Internet Outlook

Quantum Internet

The world needs better cyber security, more so now than ever because of the current threat posed by future quantum computers. A wealth of new techniques are emerging to meet the diverse needs of users. However, to fully appreciate the emerging competitive dynamics and government actions in this sector, we also have to understand the long-term technological revolution that many believe will one day lead to the creation of the Quantum Internet.

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Fact Based Insight wishes all of those working in the Quantum Technology sector a successful 2022.

Events to watch in 2022

Events this year are experimenting with a variety of online, in-person and hybrid format.

IQT The Hague, 21-23 Feb, NL – Focussing on the Quantum Internet

QIP, 7-11 Mar, Pasadena, CA – The premier academic event for Quantum Information Processing.

APS March Meeting, 14-18 Mar, Chicago, IL. The American Physical Society events hosts cutting edge scientific presentations on a full spectrum of quantum topics.

Quantum Business Europe, 23-24 Mar, Online – Helping business leaders understanding the state of quantum technologies.

QNetworks, 11-12 Apr, Cambridge, UK – Leading quantum networking reserach from around the world

CQTIP, 11-13 Apr, Bristol, UK – Quantum computing theory in practice. An event that combines academic rigor with a strong practical focus on quantum algorithms and software.

BQIT, 25-28 Apr, Bristol, UK – Future looking updates from across quantum technologies set in an emerging quantum tech cluster.

IQT San Diego, 10-12 May, CA – Focussing on the quantum enterprise

Commercialising Quantum, 17-19 May, London, UK – promoted by The Economist

Quantum.Tech 14-15 Jun, Boston, MA – Commercial applications of quantum computing, communications and sensing.

QCrypt, 29 Aug – 2 Sep, Taipei, Taiwan – The premier academic event for Quantum Cryptography.

Quantum.Tech 19-21 Sep, London, UK – Commercial applications of quantum computing, communications and sensing. The European leg of the Quantum.Tech series.

Silicon QIP, 20 Sep, London, UK – The latest developments in silicon spin qubits.

PQCrypt, 28-30 Sep, online – The premier academic event for Post Quantum Cryptography.

IQT New York, tbc, NY – The New York leg of the IQT quantum programme

EQTC, tbc – Following-up last year’s excellent European Quantum Week.

Q2B, 6-8 Dec, Santa Clara, CA – This conference has become an end-of-year fixture in the quantum computing industry calendar.

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