UK National Quantum Technologies Programme

Quantum Technologies: a £1 billion future industry for the UK


UK National Quantum Technoloiges Programme

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    Business must act now to secure itself against the security threat posed by future quantum computers. Fortunately new quantum-resistant maths-based crypto is on track to protect businesses that act promptly. To understand the growing momentum behind additional physics-based quantum security, it’s necessary to appreciate its unique enduring security promise and... Read more
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Project Description

It is the mission of the UKNQT programme to make the UK a 'go-to' place for the development and commercialisation of quantum technologies and a leading player in the global supply chain that will develop to service them.

As part of the £270 million investment of the UK national quantum technologies programme, EPSRC funded a national network of Quantum Technology Hubs. This was a £120 million investment in four hubs that will explore the properties of quantum mechanics and how they can be harnessed for use in technology.

UK Quantum Technology Hubs:
- Sensors and Metrology
- Quantum Enhanced Imaging (QuantIC)
- Networked Quantum Information Technologies (NQIT)
- Quantum Communications Technologies (Quantum Communications hub)

Quantum technologies are expected to have applications across multiple future multi-billion-pound industries in many markets and sectors:
Quantum timing devices
Quantum gravity sensing devices
Quantum positioning systems
Quantum secure communications
Quantum enhanced imaging
Quantum computers

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  • Programme: UK National Quantum Technologies Programme
  • Founded: 2014
  • Capabilities: Quantum Technologies
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