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Toptica Photonics Launches Toptica Photonics China  Labmate OnlineAfter over 20 years in business and an ever expanding market presence, Toptica Photonics is pleased to announce the launching of Toptica Photonics (China) ...... Read more
Published on: 2019-07-16
TOPTICA captures industry "Oscar"  RochesterFirstFarmington based TOPTICA Photonics recently captured an award called the Oscar of its industry.... Read more
Published on: 2019-03-06
"It's related to quantum computing, quantum communication, and quantum sensing, which these are applications that take the computer, or it's much ...... Read more
Published on: 2019-03-06
The German Physical Society decided to host their first DPG summer school on quantum technologies. Around 85 interested students signed up for the dense program of around 20 in-depth lectures on state of the art quantum technologies, covering a wide range of topic from magnetic sensing, over atom interferometry, quantum... Read more
Published on: 2018-08-13


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TOPTICA develops and manufactures high-end laser systems for scientific and industrial applications. The portfolio includes diode lasers, ultrafast fiber lasers, terahertz systems and frequency combs. OEM customers, scientists, and over a dozen Nobel laureates all acknowledge the world-class exceptional specifications of TOPTICA’s lasers, as well as their reliability and longevity.

Founded in 1998 near Munich (Germany), TOPTICA became one of the leading laser photonics companies by aiming for, and consistently delivering high-end specifications. TOPTICA’s diode lasers are appreciated for excellent coherence, wide tuning range and ideal beam profiles.
TOPTICA's 300 employees take pride in developing customized systems. In close collaboration with several universities and institutes, latest scientific discoveries are frequently incorporated into commercial products. With a global distribution network, TOPTICA provides exceptional service worldwide.

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