Imaging between the IR and radio waves



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Project Description

The electromagnetic spectrum is broad from UV to visible, infrared and beyond. Between the IR and radio waves lies the Terahertz region. At QuantIC we are developing camera systems that can image this terahertz “light” opening applications ranging from security monitoring and manufacturing inspection to skin cancer detection.
The camera systems being developed rely on exploiting widely available CMOS technology and the novel integration of a metamaterial structure. The technique is linearly scalable to other wavelengths, from the IR to microwave, providing a powerful new low cost method for building image sensors.
QuantIC is looking to develop the TeraCAM by working with companies interested in new imaging sensors based on this technology and possible modifications to address market needs and deliver competitive advantage in the following areas:
• Environmental monitoring • Manufacturing inspection • Security and Defence • Medical instrumentation • Agriculture

Project Details
  • Demonstrator: TeraCAM
  • Capabilities: Terahertz imaging
  • Home: quantic.ac.uk
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