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  • Quantum Software Outlook 2020
    In 2020 everyone will want to persuade you to join their quantum software camp. Not everyone will come away happy. Huddling round the community fire may be a good way to keep the chills of quantum winter at bay. Making camp Everyone knows how lucrative controlling the software playing field ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowDecember 16, 2019
  • Quantum supremacy – a new era?
    Google claims quantum supremacy – the ability to perform a calculation beyond the reach of conventional computers. This is a landmark scientific, mathematical and technical achievement. But as many such as IBM point out we should all beware of hype. The road to general purpose quantum computing remains a long ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowOctober 23, 2019
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Quantum computing is set to revolutionize technology. It’s coming faster than you think. It will change your industry. It will be swift. It will be merciless. It will be unforgiving of the slightest mistake. Most of all, it will be strange. But guess what? Strange works. And we’re here to guide your enterprise through the confusion and chaos of quantum computing.
Strangeworks is designing tools to help software developers and other techies take advantage of quantum computers

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