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Project Description

Quantum platforms, ranging from simple quantum devices to full scale quantum computers, need software for operating correctly. At softwareQ we deliver reliable quantum compilers, optimizers, simulators and software for the highly dynamic landscape of quantum computing, ensuring that your organization is fully prepared to benefit from the quantum revolution.

We are a team of world renowned experts in quantum technologies and software developement, who understand the highly dynamic landscape of quantum computing and agile software developement.

We are top leaders and thinkers in the field. Our co-founder started the quantum computing effort at the University of Waterloo, is a founder of its world-renowned Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC), from which softwareQ spun off, and is also a founding member of the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.

We have developed and advanced many of the textbook quantum algorithmic tools such quantum eigenvalue estimation, quantum amplitude estimation, quantum state generation, and quantum search with imperfect queries.

We have realized several of the first implementations of quantum algorithms including the Deutsch algorithm, quantum searching and approximate quantum cloning. We have developed methods and tools for the compilation and optimization of quantum circuits, such as T-gate optimization via matroid partitioning, number theory methods, quantum channel representations, coding theory methods, and parallel collision finding algorithms.

We have developed a general-purpose high-performance quantum computing framework, Quantum++, that is significantly faster than respectable competing platforms. Quantum++ can simulate 25 qubits on a typical laptop and 30 or more on high performance servers. Our platform is not restricted to qubit systems or specific quantum information processing tasks, being capable of emulating arbitrary quantum processes. It can even simulate noisy quantum processors, such as the ones available in current quantum hardware.

Project Details
  • Startup: softwareQ
  • Founded: 2017
  • Capabilities: Quantum software
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