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Project Description

Seeqc is built upon the fundamental premise that to deliver a commercially scalable and cost-effective quantum computing solution, classical readout, control, error correction, and data processing functions must be integrated with a quantum processor. Just as the greatest advances in modern classical computing occurred with digital chip-scale integration of key functions, leading to drastic reduction in system complexity, I/O count, and cost, the same will be required in quantum computing. We are developing a platform to deliver that integration.
Seeqc is developing the first digital quantum computing platform for global businesses. Seeqc combines classical and quantum technologies to address the efficiency, stability and cost issues endemic to quantum computing systems. The company applies classical and quantum technology through digital readout and control technology and through a unique chip-scale architecture. Seeqc’s quantum system provides the energy- and cost-efficiency, speed and digital control required to make quantum computing useful and bring the first commercially-scalable, problem-specific quantum computing applications to market.
The company is one of the first companies to have built a superconductor multi-layer commercial chip foundry and through this experience has the infrastructure in place for design, testing and manufacturing of quantum-ready superconductors. Seeqc is a spin-out of Hypres, the world’s leading developer of superconductor electronics. Seeqc’s team of executives and scientists have deep expertise and experience in commercial superconductive computing solutions and quantum computing. Seeqc is based in Elmsford, NY.

Project Details
  • Startup: SeeQC
  • Founded: 2018
  • Capabilities: Superconducting quantum technologies
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