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    The world needs better cyber security, more so now than ever because of the current threat posed by future quantum computers. A wealth of new techniques are emerging to meet the diverse needs of users. However, to fully appreciate the emerging competitive dynamics and government actions in this sector, we... Read more
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Project Description

The Russian Quantum Center will conduct scientific research that could lead to a fundamentally new class of technologies in the near future. Among the potential results of this research are safe data transmission networks, new materials with superior properties, optical sub-micron transistors, high-frequency optical electronics, new systems for ultrasensitive imaging of the brain and accurate clocks for navigation systems. The Center will bring together about a dozen research groups, totaling about one hundred scientists of both Russian and international origin.

Our vision is an institute that will be able to integrate itself into the international scientific community and take on a leading position in quantum science and technologies, both in Russia and internationally.

Project Details
  • Institute: RQC
  • Founded: 2010
  • Capabilities: Quantum optics, quantum materials, quantum information processing, quantum engineering
  • Home: www.rqc.ru
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