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Project Description

Currently, investment in Quantum technologies is complex, difficult, and unavailable to most. Our blockchain platform will democratise investment opportunities and guide commercial research via a panel of leading scientific, technical and business experts. By strategically guiding investment, Qubit Protocol will kickstart the quantum technology revolution.

Qubit Protocol is a decentralised blockchain enabled governance protocol that utilises the collective intelligence of the quantum science community to make strategic funding decisions on quantum technology projects. The platform will take governance to a new level by pushing liquid democratic models and crypto-economics to the limit whilst utilising the blockchain to the fullest potential for this purpose.

1. Funding proposals
Quantum startups place project proposals onto the Qubit Protocol platform, and each project is reviewed extensively prior to the voting period.

2. Delegation and voting
Experts and public token holders will be allowed to vote on the most meritorious projects to be funded. Users are able to stake their Qubit Protocol Tokens (QPT) on projects directly or delegate them to a quantum expert to decide on their behalf.

3. Startup funding
Once due diligence is performed, startups will receive funding via the Qubit DAO.

4. Token locking and burning
QPT tokens used to vote for successfully funded projects will be locked and a small percentage of QPT tokens for unsuccessful projects will be burned to ensure a sufficient level of crypto-economics.

5. Rewards
Much like how a network rewards miners, the protocol rewards effective and strategic decision making through QPT tokens, as startups achieve their milestones. This is pushed further through incentivised collaboration where users can earn extra QPT by aiding startups with research and small amounts of work.

6. Profit making events
In the event of profit-making events such as an IPO or company sale exit, up to 50% of the profit may be used to buy-back QPT to be burned thus rewarding QPT token holders, and the remaining percentage of the profits will be used to fund the next generation of quantum projects.

A protocol that truly embodies a governance structure for effective decision making, validation and collaboration.

Project Details
  • Startup: Qubitprotocol
  • Founded: 2017
  • Capabilities: Venture capital funding for quantum technology projects mediated via a blockchain platform
  • Home: www.qubitprotocol.com
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