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  • Quantum Outlook 2020 – video briefing
    What’s happening with quantum technology in 2020? Watch this video briefing on key developments across quantum hardware, quantum algorithms, quantum software, quantum safe cryptography, quantum imaging, sensing & timing. Updates on key companies and key national and regional programmes.  Read the full Quantum Outlook 2020 collection 2020 will ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowJanuary 21, 2020
  • Quantum Outlook 2020
    2020 will be a watershed year for the Quantum Revolution. There will be surprising early applications, though previously over-hyped timelines may leave some disappointed. Geopolitical considerations will be hard to ignore as major national programmes set out their stalls. The chill winds of a quantum winter may threaten some, but ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowDecember 16, 2019
  • Quantum Hardware Outlook 2020
    2019 saw Google finally demonstrate quantum supremacy. Competitors such as IBM reminded us that this was just an opening skirmish in what will be a long campaign. In 2020 we will see paths divide as competing companies and technologies face-up to the quantum chasm blocking the way to large scale ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowDecember 16, 2019
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Project Description

Data Science for Decision-Makers
We leverage the power of AI, Machine Learning and Quantum to enable decision-makers and empower your organization.

Scalable solutions for the exponential digital era - At QDT we specialize in real-time, predictive analytics with custom hardware acceleration using FPGA’s and Quantum Computing.

The ability to utilize real-time actionable insights from big data has become critical for the modern, agile enterprise. We use leading edge hardware and employ sophisticated machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence to solve the toughest problems facing businesses today. And, as early adopters in quantum computing, we position ourselves and our clients at the forefront of hardware evolution to facilitate a smooth transition on the path to quantum viability.

Democratizing solutions for Big Data
Our goal is to build the world’s most powerful quantum, real-time, data ingestion and analytics tool-set:

1. Accurate, Fast, and Adaptive AI Models
Tick-by-tick adaptation and reinforcement learning
High-speed clocking to minimize noise and improve prediction accuracy
AI models encoded in hardware for speed

2. Data Architecture Designed for Realtime Operation
Data synchronization and transformation using FPGAs
Ultra-fast database architecture for structure/unstructured data powered by Cassandra

3. The Quantum Advantage
Quantum computing for solving new optimization problems
Quantum annealing and sampling for faster, more accurate solutions
Quantum probabilistic models to simulate probabilistic coherence and enhance realtime Bayesian models

Cross-industry data science solutions on the path to Quantum:

QDT Enterprise Solutions
Custom data solutions for decision-makers with Quantum, AI and Machine Learning.

Quantum Mental Health
Our objective is to facilitate the integration of advanced technology in mental health.

Project Details
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