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Quantum Blockchains

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Project Description

Quantum Blockchains Inc. is a startup aiming to create functioning Blockchain technology capable of resisting the currently emerging threats from Quantum Computers. The company is planning a radical step, and instead of post-quantum algorithms, it will use the latest achievements of quantum cryptography to create provably secure solutions, which enhance data protection, integrity and processing speed.

Quantum Blockchains Inc. is building its products and services on its founders’ prior scientific investigations. The company’s founders have co-authored several scientific papers which have established the theoretical basis for the technology. The project will use Quantum Key Distribution… QKD … to create a true Quantum Blockchain, where the cryptographic primitives and consensus algorithms are designed with the help of QKD.

Project Details
  • Startup: Quantum Blockchains
  • Capabilities: Quantum cryptography, Distributed Ledger
  • Home: quantumblockchains.io
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