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Project Description

Quantum-computing promises to bring disruptive new possibilities for fast and cost-effective in-silico (computer based) discovery and optimization of specialty chemicals, drugs and functional materials, which can help solve many important global problems and improve the lives of millions. Qu & Co supports your in-house discovery activities by performing ab-initio chemistry simulations running on current-day quantum-computers. Our services can, in-time, mean a significant step-change improvement of your return-on-investment by finally being able to realize the full potential of in-silico discovery. Qu & Co aims to be a driving force in the development and adoption of quantum-computational chemistry for in-silico discovery and be the leading player in this market.

Quantum-computational chemistry as-a-service
Our postdoc level staff, supported by our scientific advisors (leading professors in computational-chemistry), work closely together with your in-house experts to identify which of your chemical and material problems can already be simulated at the desired accuracy. We translate the relevant Hamiltonian dynamics for those problems to the appropriate quantum-algorithms and implement these on the best available quantum-processors to compute e.g. ground and excited state energies or reaction kinetics for your problem. With our services you will be able to make a seamless transition from conventional- to quantum-computational-chemistry integrating our results directly in your existing computational-activities.

Project Details
  • Startup: Qu & Co
  • Founded: 2017
  • Capabilities: Quantum chemistry
  • Home: quandco.com
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