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  • Quantum safe cryptography – the big picture
    Recently updated advice on quantum security technologies from the UK NCSC is bluntly sceptical about the promised benefits of quantum key distribution. This seems at odds with the scramble of governments around the world to promote the development of quantum networking technologies. Who is right? Future large scale quantum computers... Read more
  • Quantum Outlook 2020
    2020 will be a watershed year for the Quantum Revolution. There will be surprising early applications, though previously over-hyped timelines may leave some disappointed. Geopolitical considerations will be hard to ignore as major national programmes set out their stalls. The chill winds of a quantum winter may threaten some, but... Read more
  • Quantum Internet Outlook 2020
    Fortunately preparations are well in hand to fix the Internet before large scale quantum computers can break it. But even in 2020, sensitive data intercepted and stored is already vulnerable to future attack. Companies must act to ensure they are not caught-out by the coming transition. In the longer term,... Read more
Latest News
Recent news items published in 2020 on quantum computing developments are listed below. Click on the hyperlinked item to go to the press release or news article for details. For older news items published in 2019 click here, for 2018 click here, and for items published in 2015-2017, click here.... Read more
Published on: 2020-08-27
Qrypt Licenses Cybersecurity Technology From DOE’s Oak Ridge  Photonics.comQrypt Inc. has exclusively licensed a novel cybersecurity technology from the U.S. Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), promis.... Read more
Published on: 2018-09-28
Qrypt licenses ORNL's quantum random number generator to fortify encryption methods  Phys.OrgQrypt, Inc., has exclusively licensed a novel cyber security technology from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, promising a stronger ...... Read more
Published on: 2018-08-27
Project Description

Qrypt’s post quantum secure encryption protects data indefinitely, delivering everlasting security and ultimate peace of mind.

Kevin Chalker founded Qrypt with his friend and former colleague, Denis Mandich, to protect and defend our collective privacy from exploitation. Together, Kevin and Denis have laid the groundwork for a revolutionary new approach to data security in response to advances in quantum computing. Via strategic investments in cutting-edge quantum hardware companies and exclusive partnerships with premier global research institutes and U.S. national labs, Qrypt has amassed multiple quantum entropy sources to create high-quality random keys at scale. As a result of this technology and its revolutionary protocol, Qrypt has developed the only cryptographic solution capable of securing information indefinitely with mathematical proof as evidence.
Kevin and Denis have hand-selected a talented team of seasoned leaders in engineering, physics, and cryptography to build Qrypt’s patented solution. With more partnerships and deals in the works, Qrypt’s mission is to become the world's security standard for the quantum age and beyond.

Project Details
  • Startup: Qrypt
  • Capabilities: Post quantum cryptography and quantum random number generators
  • Home: www.qrypt.com/
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