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  • Quantum Hardware Outlook 2020
    2019 saw Google finally demonstrate quantum supremacy. Competitors such as IBM reminded us that this was just an opening skirmish in what will be a long campaign. In 2020 we will see paths divide as competing companies and technologies face-up to the quantum chasm blocking the way to large scale ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowDecember 16, 2019
  • Quantum Software Outlook 2020
    In 2020 everyone will want to persuade you to join their quantum software camp. Not everyone will come away happy. Huddling round the community fire may be a good way to keep the chills of quantum winter at bay. Making camp Everyone knows how lucrative controlling the software playing field ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowDecember 16, 2019
  • Quantum Imaging, Sensing & Timing Outlook 2020
    Quantum spring is already coming to some parts of the wider quantum sector. National programmes and smart players are taking advantage of the opportunities this brings. Don’t underestimate the future impact of these novel gizmos. Green shoots One way to avoid quantum winter is to seek other applications of the ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowDecember 16, 2019
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  • From shtetl to Forum
    Today I’m headed to the 50th World Economic Forum in Davos, where on Tuesday I’ll participate in a panel discussion on “The Quantum Potential” with Jeremy O’Brien of the quantum computing startup PsiQuantum, and will also host an ask-me-anything session about quantum computational supremacy and Google’s claim to have achieved ... read more
    Source: Shtetl-Optimized – The blog of Scott AaronsonJanuary 18, 2020
  • Supercomputing 18: Pioneer spirit at the “Quantum Communication Networks and Technologies …
    Mercedes Gimeno-Segovia, Lead Quantum Architect at quantum computing start-up PsiQuantum in the Bay ... quantum computers acting as processing units which will perform distributed computing between them,” she remarked. ... read more
    Source: Alert – Quantum Information ProcessingNovember 27, 2018
  • Teaching quantum in junior high: special Thanksgiving guest post by Terry Rudolph
    Happy Thanksgiving! People have sometimes asked me: “how do you do it?  how do you do your research, write papers, teach classes, mentor grad students, build up the quantum center at UT, travel and give talks every week or two, serve on program committees, raise two rambunctious young kids, and ... read more
    Source: Shtetl-Optimized – The blog of Scott AaronsonNovember 22, 2018
Project Description

Jeremy O'Brien is CEO of PsiQuantum, Professor of Physics and Electrical Engineering at Stanford and Bristol, and director of the Centre for Quantum Photonics. PsiQuantum is using a photonic approach to manufacture a universal quantum computer in a CMOS silicon fab. Jeremy has spent 20 years working towards scalable QC, including: micro-, nano- and atomic- scale design, fabrication and operation of superconducting and semiconductor devices (inc. GaAs quantum dots, P:Si QC, diamond spin qubits); design, construction and operation of cryogenic (mK–300 K) and UHV systems; design, construction and application of dc–GHz low-noise electrical measurement to organic-, super- and semi-conductor (nano)structures (B=0–1000 T); and theory of QC.

Project Details
  • Startup: PsiQuantum
  • Founded: 2016
  • Capabilities: Photonic Quantum Computing
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