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Computational protein drug design.
ProteinQure uses artificial intelligence and quantum computing for the computational design of protein drugs. Antibodies, peptides, and other protein-based drugs have low toxicity and are capable of targeting a broad range of biological targets outside the scope of traditional small molecule therapeutics. Due to their structural complexity and dynamic flexibility, novel protein-based drugs are challenging to discover. Our software enables the rational design of protein-based drugs via atomistic simulations of the protein folding and binding process.
ProteinQure is a Toronto based biotech firm. We create computational R&D tools to perform drug design in silico. We leverage quantum computing, molecular simulations and reinforcement learning to engineer novel therapeutics.

Protein drugs of tomorrow
Despite their inherent advantages, it is very difficult to design protein based therapeutics.
ProteinQure is building scalable technologies to aid in structure based protein design.

Protein Therapeutics
We design small peptide based therapeutics (including cyclic peptides).

Structure Based Design
Exploring protein structures without data or known crystal structures.

Frontier Technologies
Quantum computing, artificial intelligence and molecular dynamics simulations.

Scalable Approach
The first step to designing large protein-based drugs beyond the current paradigm.

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