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  • Quantum Imaging, Sensing & Timing Outlook 2020
    Quantum spring is already coming to some parts of the wider quantum sector. National programmes and smart players are taking advantage of the opportunities this brings. Don’t underestimate the future impact of these novel gizmos. Green shoots One way to avoid quantum winter is to seek other applications of the ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowDecember 16, 2019
  • Quantum software – over-hyped but underestimated
    The advantages a quantum computer can offer depend on the quantum algorithms it can run and also how easily we can get data in and out of the system. Today’s hardware is still well short of the universal quantum dream and, in truth, the most often discussed benefits are still ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowApril 19, 2019
  • Europe’s drive to create wealth from Quantum Technology
    The focus of the EU’s €1b Quantum Flagship programme is not basic science, nor is it simply about bringing new technologies to market. The end-goal is driving wealth creation, jobs and societal benefits in Europe. This requires kick-starting the competitive position of European industry in this sector and making Europe ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowMarch 6, 2019
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Oxford Instruments plc is a leading provider of high technology products, systems and tools to the world's leading industrial companies and scientific research communities.

We use innovation to turn smart science into world-class products that support research and industry to address the great challenges of the 21st Century.

We are proud to be recognised as the leaders in what we do and for the difference we make in the world.

Quantum Technology Applications

Exploiting the quantised nature of matter enables a range of exciting new technologies, such as quantum computing, communication, new forms of cryptography and sensing. If you have seen or read about a quantum computer it has probably been made from our technologies. Whether you need to cool your system to milli-Kelvin temperatures, observe the quantum state of trapped cold ions or make and characterise low dimensional structures such as quantum dots and nanowires, our solutions enable you to achieve your goals.

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