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For more than a decade, we’ve been making consistent investments in our quantum dream team, comprised of some of the greatest minds in quantum physics, mathematics, computer science, and engineering. Working with universities, industries, and governments, this team’s collaborative approach has consistently delivered the cutting-edge innovation that continues to bring scalable quantum computing closer and closer to reality.

In order to empower the quantum revolution and widely welcome customers, developers, and enthusiasts, we need a system that scales. Unlike other quantum systems built on a fragile, error-prone foundation, every component of our infrastructure is designed for scalability. Our approach uses topological qubits specifically for their higher accuracy, lower cost, and ability to perform long enough to solve complex real-world problems.

Azure integration will provide a seamless and streamlined quantum experience from development and testing to full-scale enterprise-grade deployment. As innovation continues, customers will have access to the power of quantum computing alongside advanced classical processing and storage in Azure. For example, data could be processed with advanced computing—CPU, GPU, or FPGA—or with the quantum processing unit (QPU).

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