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KETS Quantum Security Ltd is a multi-award winning start-up from the Quantum Engineering Technology Labs (QETLabs) at the University of Bristol and partner in the Quantum Communications Hub, part of the National UK Quantum Technologies Programme. Their mission is to secure communications using future-proof, scalable, and easily-deployed hardware solutions. The company has developed some of the world’s first integrated quantum secured encryption technologies – from quantum random number generators to full quantum key distribution devices. With low-SWaP built into its DNA, its solutions will boost security in applications including defense, telecoms, and critical infrastructure; with end-users from finance to governments and data centres

KETS has developed a range of technologies for quantum-secured communications, including quantum key distribution (QKD) and quantum random number generation (QRNG). Their devices are based on integrated photonic technologies leading to miniaturisation, cost-effective manufacture, and complex functionality.

KETS are available for work under consultancy and Joint Development Agreement (JDA) terms to assist SMEs and global corporation in the custom development of quantum-secured solutions

Project Details
  • Startup: KETS Quantum Security
  • Founded: 27/07/16
  • Capability: Minaturised quantum key distribution and quantum random number generators
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