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  • Quantum hardware – into the quantum jungle
    The quantum computing landscape has been transformed by a surge of commercial startups pursuing very different technical paths. Investors and pioneers must prepare themselves for a challenging journey ahead. A growing list of major, midsized and startup companies have joined the quantum computing quest. However today’s prototype devices must be... Read more
  • Silicon spin
    Silicon enjoys an unrivaled lead in human fabrication know-how and investment. Importantly, in its isotopically purified form, it is an ideal neutral material to host sensitive spin qubits. Proponents emphasise the potential of this technology to deliver chip-scale solutions where some other approaches would require ‘building-size’ machines. But spin quibts... Read more
  • NV diamonds
    Our ability to fabricate in diamond has undergone a transformation that is perhaps not fully appreciated outside of the specialist community. Diamond is another material well suited to hosting qubits. Point defects in a diamond lattice act in many ways like isolated atoms and can be used to form qubits.... Read more
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Providing nanofabrication solutions through the state of the art James Watt Nanofabrication Centre in Glasgow.

Specialising in high resolution, large area, multilevel electron beam lithography for applications such as laser gratings, transistor gates, imprint masks, optical elements, photonic crystals, nanotextured surfaces and many more.

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