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  • Quantum Imaging, Sensing & Timing Outlook 2020
    Quantum spring is already coming to some parts of the wider quantum sector. National programmes and smart players are taking advantage of the opportunities this brings. Don’t underestimate the future impact of these novel gizmos. Green shoots One way to avoid quantum winter is to seek other applications of the ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowDecember 16, 2019
  • Brexit and the Quantum Landscape
    The arrival of Boris Johnson in Downing Street makes a hard Brexit ending more likely. To understand the impact this will have on the science and innovation landscape and quantum technology in particular, we have to look beyond the immediate disruptions and understand how the thinking of the political right ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowJuly 25, 2019
  • Europe’s drive to create wealth from Quantum Technology
    The focus of the EU’s €1b Quantum Flagship programme is not basic science, nor is it simply about bringing new technologies to market. The end-goal is driving wealth creation, jobs and societal benefits in Europe. This requires kick-starting the competitive position of European industry in this sector and making Europe ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowMarch 6, 2019
Latest News
  • QuantIC’s Professor Robert Hadfield awarded James Joule medal
    Robert Hadfield, Professor of Photonics at the University of Glasgow, and QuantIC Co-investigator, has been named as the recipient of the Institute of Physics’ James Joule Medal for distinguished contributions to Applied Physics. The award, named in honour of the English physicist and mathematician, has been presented since 2008 to ... read more
    Source: QuantIC – NewsJuly 2, 2019
  • QuantIC at “Photonics Meets Real World Applications” joint CDT workshop
    QuantIC was excited to be involved in “Photonics Meets Real World Applications”, a joint doctoral training careers workshop for the EPSRC CDTs in Photonic Integration & Advanced Data Storage, Applied Photonics, and Intelligent Sensing & Measurement last week in Glasgow. The event, was an opportunity for CDT students to foster ... read more
    Source: QuantIC – NewsOctober 30, 2018
  • QuantIC hosts House of Commons Science and Technology Committee in Glasgow
    The Committee, which exists to ensure that government policy and decision-making are based on good scientific and engineering advice and evidence, were up in Glasgow last Thursday 28 June for a formal oral evidence session on the committee’s inquiry into quantum technologies. Quantum technologies have been selected by the Government ... read more
    Source: QuantIC – NewsJuly 5, 2018
Project Description

Providing nanofabrication solutions through the state of the art James Watt Nanofabrication Centre in Glasgow.

Specialising in high resolution, large area, multilevel electron beam lithography for applications such as laser gratings, transistor gates, imprint masks, optical elements, photonic crystals, nanotextured surfaces and many more.

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