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Recent Insight
  • Quantum Internet Outlook 2022
    The world needs better cyber security, more so now than ever because of the current threat posed by future quantum computers. A wealth of new techniques are emerging to meet the diverse needs of users. However, to fully appreciate the emerging competitive dynamics and government actions in this sector, we... Read more
  • Quantum Landscape Outlook 2021
    Nations and regions around the world are continuing the rapid build-out of publicly funded quantum technology initiatives. Everyone wants to build a future quantum ecosystem in their own back yard. In the commercial space, the bounds of international collaboration are beginning to emerge. Investors need to dress for all seasons.... Read more
  • Quantum safe cryptography – the big picture
    Recently updated advice on quantum security technologies from the UK NCSC is bluntly sceptical about the promised benefits of quantum key distribution. This seems at odds with the scramble of governments around the world to promote the development of quantum networking technologies. Who is right? Future large scale quantum computers... Read more
Latest News
  • Math Paths to Quantum-safe Security: Hash-based Cryptography
    igital signature algorithms are a critical component of public-key infrastructure, with applications ranging from code signing to establishing secure connections. However, classical digital signature algorithms will be vulnerable to quantum-enabled attacks. Hash-based cryptography is among the oldest area of quantum-safe... Read more
    Source: ISARA - News Published on: Feb 24, 2020
Project Description

Our Mission
To be the world’s leading creator and provider of quantum-safe security solutions and services. Using our combined security expertise, passion for problem-solving, and forward-looking strategies, we seek to develop the most secure, innovative, and interoperable approaches to quantum-safe security.

Our Vision
To create a quantum-safe world where the possibilities and benefits of quantum computing are realized without giving up digital trust and privacy.

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