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The magazine Technology Review focuses on disruptive quantum technologies in its Issue 03/2019. In the course of this, InfiniQuant and the QIV Group at the MPL were interviewed by TR. A tour through the labs rounded off their visit in Erlangen and gave an insight into quantum cryptography research and development.... Read more
Published on: 2019-03-06
The goal of this tutorial is to understand the basic idea behind continuous-variable quantum key distribution (QKD). The target audience is physicists or engineers, preferably with a basic understanding of optics. Since this is our first attempt at publishing such a tutorial, please come back to us if you have... Read more
Published on: 2019-01-24
Two workshops are taking place these days at the “Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt” in Braunschweig, Germany. The topics are Quantum technologies – basics, applications and exploitation, and Physical and industrial requirements for future quantum networks. The idea is to serve as a networking event for the German quantum technology community, both from... Read more
Published on: 2019-01-23
The yearly photonic days of Berlin and Brandenburg took place in mid October this year. With them, a special symposium on “Photonics for secure and high speed communication” was held, for which the program can be found here. As part of the symposium, the current state of the art of... Read more
Published on: 2018-10-19
On September 14, all Max-Planck-Institutes in Germany opened their doors for the interested public to get a peek into state of the art basic science. The motto of the day was “Wonach suchst du?” (engl.: what are you looking for?). This served as a theme to collect questions from the... Read more
Published on: 2018-09-28
The European Conference on Optical Communication 2018 was held in Rome at the end of September. A special workshop day preceded the conference on Sunday the 23rd. Session #6 was dedicated to quantum communications for secure optical networks. InfiniQuant was invited and presented the current activities in continuous-variable quantum key distribution.... Read more
Published on: 2018-09-26
The German Physical Society decided to host their first DPG summer school on quantum technologies. Around 85 interested students signed up for the dense program of around 20 in-depth lectures on state of the art quantum technologies, covering a wide range of topic from magnetic sensing, over atom interferometry, quantum... Read more
Published on: 2018-08-13
The Imaging and Applied Optics Congress 2018 took place in Orlanda, Florida, USA and was hosted by the Optical Society. InfiniQuant was invited to give a talk on the Applied Industrial Optics part of the congress and also give a demonstration of the technology. We decided to build a portable... Read more
Published on: 2018-07-09
The 2nd workshop on “Quantum Technology and Implementations for Space” was being held in Noordvijk at the European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) on Nov 14 and 15, 2017. There was a broad programme covering the following topics in different sessions: I – Earth and Planetary remote sensing II... Read more
Published on: 2017-11-30
Project Description

InfiniQuant is a team, hosted within the Quantum Information Processing group of Christoph Marquardt at the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Light in Erlangen, Germany. The group is part of Gerd Leuchs’ division and focuses on fundamental research, whereas InfiniQuant investigates possible applications for quantum communication scenarios. InfiniQuant’s team is currently lead by scientists Imran Khan and Christoph Marquardt.

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  • Client: InfiniQuant
  • Skill: Metropolitan Quantum Communications, Satellite Quantum Communications, Random Number Generators
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