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  • Quantum Outlook 2021
    2021 will be the first test for hardware players’ newly minted roadmaps. Expectations on when new algorithms and software will be able to exploit these devices to offer genuine quantum advantage differ widely. The long term importance of the Quantum Internet as the end-destination for the sector will continue to... Read more
  • Quantum Landscape Outlook 2021
    Nations and regions around the world are continuing the rapid build-out of publicly funded quantum technology initiatives. Everyone wants to build a future quantum ecosystem in their own back yard. In the commercial space, the bounds of international collaboration are beginning to emerge. Investors need to dress for all seasons.... Read more
  • ARPA
    Advanced Research Projects Agency – an R&D agency in the US Department of Defence that sponsored research in transformational areas. Founded as ARPA in 1958, renamed DARPA in 1972. The post ARPA appeared first on Fact Based Insight.... Read more
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Together with Boston Scientific, we are presenting research that details the feasibility and progress towards our new pain measurement method at the 2021 North American Neuromodulation Society Annual Meeting. The post Moving beyond the self-reported scale: Objectively measuring chronic pain with AI appeared first on IBM Research Blog.... Read more
Published on: 2021-01-20
IBM Research has partnered with Red Hat to bring iter8 into Kiali. Iter8 lets developers automate the progressive rollout of new microservice versions. From Kiali, developers can launch these rollouts interactively, watch their progress while iter8 shifts user traffic to the best microservice version, gain real-time insights into how competing... Read more
Published on: 2020-12-16
Thanks for joining us as Jeff Barr, Martin Beeby, Steve Roberts and Channy Yun liveblogged Dr. Werner Vogels’ Keynote, where he shared how Amazon is solving today’s hardest technology problems. See the recap below. And if you missed them, be sure to check out our re:Invent 2020 liveblog recaps for... Read more
Published on: 2020-12-14
In 2021, our hybrid cloud predictions show that we expect businesses to address challenges in ways that will apply new resources and strategies to drive business outcomes, in a world that will continue to require new advances in cloud and AI research. The post After an unpredictable 2020, here’s what... Read more
Published on: 2020-12-10
IBM researchers have created an AI-powered software to help doctors develop personalized treatments for different patients with the exact same diagnosis. The post AI to help doctors develop personalized treatments appeared first on IBM Research Blog.... Read more
Published on: 2020-12-10
IBM Research has initiated focused efforts called Code Risk Analyzer to bring security and compliance analytics to DevSecOps. Code Risk Analyzer is a new feature of IBM Cloud Continuous Delivery, a cloud service that helps provision toolchains, automate builds and tests, and control quality with analytics. The post Using SecDevOps... Read more
Published on: 2020-11-02
IBM Research is developing new ways to use AI to assure clients are moving their mission-critical workloads to a secure cloud environment and can manage those workloads across multiple clouds. The post How IBM Research Is Differentiating Its Hybrid Cloud Platform with AI appeared first on IBM Research Blog.... Read more
Published on: 2020-10-29
A recent panel discussion on “The Promise of Quantum for Industry” at the annual IBM Quantum Summit homed in on several business challenges that quantum computers are well-suited to tackle. The post IBM Quantum Summit 2020: Exploring the Promise of Quantum Computing for Industry appeared first on IBM Research Blog.... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-30
IBM announced its annual "5 in 5” technology predictions for 2020. Here are some recent examples that highlight progress achieved toward realizing previous 5 in 5 forecasts and provide some insights into our long-term commitment to develop innovative solutions that can be implemented as IBM products and services, or shared... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-24
Insights into initiatives taken by government and institutions around the world to build quantum computers that can break down non quantum-based ...... Read more
Published on: 2020-09-03
IBM Research AI is a gold sponsor and will have a strong presence at VLDB 2020, with technical papers, tutorials, as well as workshop organization. The post IBM Research at VLDB 2020 appeared first on IBM Research Blog.... Read more
Published on: 2020-08-31
The Gauteng Province has been using data and cloud technologies to monitor and respond to Covid-19, and now they are sharing access with the public. As of 20 August the Gauteng Province in South Africa has 33% of the national cases for COVID-19 with 202,000 confirmed cases — and the numbers... Read more
Published on: 2020-08-28
Recent news items published in 2020 on quantum computing developments are listed below. Click on the hyperlinked item to go to the press release or news article for details. For older news items published in 2019 click here, for 2018 click here, and for items published in 2015-2017, click here.... Read more
Published on: 2020-08-27
The human eye can perceive patterns and meaning in data based on its visual appearance, but it becomes difficult to perceive such patterns when the data is presented in a dense and unorganized manner. The Big Data Visualization Toolkit (BiDViT) enables the study and display of enormous datasets by following... Read more
Published on: 2020-08-24
Source: 1QBit - News
The following is a table that we are providing courtesy of Fact Based Insight. It compares many of the qubit implementation technologies over a variety of different factors. SuperconductingSuperconductingSuperconductingSuperconductingTrapped IonsTrapped IonsTrapped IonsTrapped IonsSilicon SpinSilicon SpinSilicon SpinSilicon SpinPhotonicsPhotonicsPhotonicsNV DiamondNeutral AtomsTopologicalSubtypeTunable Fixed Freq.ParametricFluxHyperfineOpticalNF MicrowaveGF MicrowaveSi MosSi SiGeImp. Donor PSTM Donor PSOISi3N4OtherLifetime (T2) (seconds)1.50E-055.00E-052.00E-055.00E-08500.2501.63.30E-061.00E-060.551.50E-041.50E-041.00E+013.20E-01Best... Read more
Published on: 2020-08-21
IBM Research played a central role in developing the technology underpinnings of IBM’s financial services public cloud, including the new IBM Cloud Security and Compliance Center, an IBM Cloud service. The post Research Unveils Innovations for IBM’s Cloud for Financial Services appeared first on IBM Research Blog.... Read more
Published on: 2020-07-22
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