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Walking together towards the quantum era_

When talking about quantum information, the question is not “when”​ but “who”​.
And above all,
if you’ll be one of them_

Recent Insight
  • Quantum Internet Outlook 2020
    Fortunately preparations are well in hand to fix the Internet before large scale quantum computers can break it. But even in 2020, sensitive data intercepted and stored is already vulnerable to future attack. Companies must act to ensure they are not caught-out by the coming transition. In the longer term, ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowDecember 16, 2019
  • Quantum safe cryptography – waiting to save the world
    Future quantum computers will one day bring us many great benefits. Unfortunately they will also break many of the cryptographic protocols on which current Internet security depends. Google’s quantum supremacy breakthrough notwithstanding, this is still most likely many years off. However, sensitive data intercepted and stored today, or long lifecycle ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowOctober 4, 2019
  • Quantum software – over-hyped but underestimated
    The advantages a quantum computer can offer depend on the quantum algorithms it can run and also how easily we can get data in and out of the system. Today’s hardware is still well short of the universal quantum dream and, in truth, the most often discussed benefits are still ... read more
    Source: Fact Based Insight – prepare for tomorrowApril 19, 2019
Latest News
  • Alejandra’s Top 5 Favorite re:Invent🎉 Launches of 2019
    While re:Invent 2019 may feel well over, I’m still feeling elated and curious about several of the launches that were announced that week. Is it just me, or did some of the new feature announcements seem to bring us closer to the Scifi worlds (i.e. AWS WaveLength anyone? and ... read more
    Source: AWS Blog – QuantumDecember 18, 2019
  • Developing a quantum-ready global workforce
    At Microsoft Quantum, our ambition is to help solve some of the world's most complex challenges through the world's most scalable quantum system. Recently, we introduced Azure Quantum to unite a diverse and growing quantum community and accelerate the impact of this technology. Whether it's algorithmic innovation that improves healthcare ... read more
    Source: Microsoft QuantumDecember 18, 2019
  • Universal limitations on quantum key distribution over a network. (arXiv:1912.03646v1 [quant-ph])
    Entanglement is an intriguing quantum phenomenon with crucial implications for both fundamental physics and technological applications, e.g., quantum key distribution (QKD). In this paper, we show that multipartite private states from which secret keys are directly accessible to trusted partners are genuinely multipartite entangled states. With application to secure Quantum ... read more
    Source: Cornell Univ. Library: arXiv.org – quantum physicsDecember 10, 2019
  • QSC Junior day
    We believe that more interaction/entanglement between the different partners of the Quantum Software Consortium is a good thing. Therefore we are  ... read more
    Source: Alert – Quantum SoftwareNovember 14, 2019
  • AQT now supports Qiskit as quantum software tool
    AQT now supports QiskitA quantum software tool for the AQT ion trap quantum computer November 2019: Quantum computers promise to solve real-life problems that are beyond the computational powers of classical computers. The computational strength of quantum computers is based on an entirely different set of rules for computation. ... read more
    Source: AQT – News & EventsNovember 6, 2019
  • Quantum Computing Market Review: Q3 2019
    The third quarter of 2019 has seen further strides in the quantum computing industry. From claims of quantum supremacy and QRNG standardisation to more powerful systems and spooky action, we look at the news stories that have made an impact. Google claims quantum supremacy, albeit by accident Perhaps the most ... read more
    Source: ID Quantique – NewsOctober 28, 2019
  • Quantum internet: at the verge of an emerging technology
    by Bas Dirkse The internet as we know it today has become an integral part of our lives. We use this piece of technology on a daily, hourly, almost continuous basis. We use it at work, to relax, to socialize, to fact check our friends during an argument and even ... read more
    Source: Bits of Quantum – A blog by QUTechOctober 22, 2019
  • Major funding announcement heralds new phase of UK quantum secure communications research and development
    11 July 2019 The UK Quantum Communications Hub has been awarded further funding of approximately £24M to deliver its vision of integrated quantum secured communications. Funded through the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme as part of a national network of four quantum technology hub consortia, the Quantum Communications Hub is ... read more
    Source: UK Quantum Communications Hub – NewsJuly 11, 2019
  • Hub partners collaborate to extend the UK’s Quantum Network into the Telecommunications Industry
    York, 1 April 2019 Numerous Quantum Communications Hub partners came together last month to celebrate the official launch of the newest UK Quantum Network (UKQN) link – UKQNtel. Taking place across both ends of the link – BT’s Research Labs at Adastral Park and the Cambridge Engineering Department at Cambridge ... read more
    Source: UK Quantum Communications Hub – NewsApril 1, 2019
  • Deterministic entanglement swapping in a superconducting circuit. (arXiv:1902.10959v1 [quant-ph])
    Entanglement swapping allows two particles that have never been coupled directly or indirectly to be nonlocally correlated. Besides fundamental interest, this procedure has applications in complex entanglement manipulation and quantum communication. Entanglement swapping for qubits has been demonstrated in optical experiments, but where the process was conditional on detection of ... read more
    Source: Cornell Univ. Library: arXiv.org – quantum physicsMarch 1, 2019


Project Description

The first consulting company in Spain and Latin America whose business is focused in quantum technologies: Quantum Computing, Telecommunications, CyberseQurity, Simulation and Algorithms.

Entanglement Partners has been founded by a multidisciplinary team of business executives and internationally recognized scientific.

The company develops its activity mainly in three areas: strategic technology consulting, distribution and deployment of quantum products, design of projects related to quantum telecommunications and technology.

Headquartered in Barcelona with offices in Madrid (Spain), San José (California USA) and Kerala (India).

Project Details
  • Startup: Entanglement Partners
  • Founded: 2016
  • Capabilities: Strategic Consulting, Quantum Applicaitons, Go-to-market, Events & Communications
  • Home: www.entanglementpartners.com
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