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Project Description

Chronos Technology Ltd is a leading international authority on resilient sync and timing solutions including the use of GNSS, PTP, NTP and eLoran, as well as GNSS vulnerability detection and mitigation solutions. Founded in 1986 by Professor Charles Curry in 1986, we deliver equipment and services in the UK and overseas for the following sectors:
High Frequency Trading
Energy & Utilities
Defence & Security
Enterprise IT
We work on such diverse projects as:
The roll-out of GPS synchronisation for a UK wireless operator at its ATM backhaul switch sites
The longest GPS antenna cable run on the Kuwait Telecom Tower
Synchronisation at undersea fibre landing stations
Chronos installation engineers have worked from the icy wastes of Siberia to the hot sands of Saudi Arabia.

Project Details
  • SME: Chronos Technology
  • Founded: 1994
  • Capabilities: Atomic clocks, sync and timing
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