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Project Description

Aliyun is the cloud service subsidiary of Alibaba.

Aliyun Quantum Laboratory (AQL) was recently launched to realize the revolutionary potentials of quantum information technologies. We are committed to this long-term mission and aspire to build a world-leading program in the next few years. The Laboratory is led by Founding Director Yaoyun Shi, Chief Scientist of Quantum Technologies, Aliyun. English is the sole working language of AQL.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to: computational material science, computational quantum chemistry, computational physics, quantum algorithms, quantum programming languages, quantum circuit synthesis, quantum architecture, computer-aided design of quantum computers, quantum control, implementations of quantum computing systems (super-conducting, ion-trap, diamond NV center, topological, etc.), quantum hacking, quantum cryptography (theoretical), post-quantum cryptography (theoretical and implementation), theoretical condensed matter physics, and gravitational quantum information.

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