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    Nations and regions around the world are continuing the rapid build-out of publicly funded quantum technology initiatives. Everyone wants to build a future quantum ecosystem in their own back yard. In the commercial space, the bounds of international collaboration are beginning to emerge. Investors need to dress for all seasons.... Read more
  • Quantum Software Outlook 2021
    IBM continues to dominate the quantum cloud. However access to new more powerful processors will increase competition in the early adopter market. Ideas for user-engagement and education continue to explode with innovation. In the long term, supporting developers is a challenge the conventional software industry understands, but don’t forget that... Read more
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    Commercial activity around quantum computing has risen to fever pitch over the last year. Many point to the traditional cycle of hype and consolidation in tech markets. Some have become quick to call ‘bullshit’ much of the activity at the current commercial frontier. Others predict a coming quantum winter. How... Read more
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Randomness, and the generation of random numbers, plays more of a critical role in everyday life than most people might think. Random numbers are the building blocks of secure communications and are the foundations on which public key encryption and the security of the internet are built. The post Everyday... Read more
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In its latest report published in Nature, Alibaba shows how QRNGs with intrinsic unpredictability can be used to greatly enhance the security of cryptosystems. The post Alibaba adds IDQ’s QRNG to its cloud-based services, to improve the security of financial transactions appeared first on ID Quantique.... Read more
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They can then pop these random numbers directly into applications running on their cloud services (Alipay, Ant Financial, etc.) and for ultra-secure ...... Read more
Published on: 2021-07-12
Like all hyperscalers, Alibaba has been carving its own path through the early quantum computing landscape, starting with a cloud-based service ...... Read more
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Quantum computers are established on the principle of superposition which permits them to reach high computational power required for advanced ...... Read more
Published on: 2021-07-03


Project Description

Aliyun is the cloud service subsidiary of Alibaba.

Aliyun Quantum Laboratory (AQL) was recently launched to realize the revolutionary potentials of quantum information technologies. We are committed to this long-term mission and aspire to build a world-leading program in the next few years. The Laboratory is led by Founding Director Yaoyun Shi, Chief Scientist of Quantum Technologies, Aliyun. English is the sole working language of AQL.

Areas of interest include but are not limited to: computational material science, computational quantum chemistry, computational physics, quantum algorithms, quantum programming languages, quantum circuit synthesis, quantum architecture, computer-aided design of quantum computers, quantum control, implementations of quantum computing systems (super-conducting, ion-trap, diamond NV center, topological, etc.), quantum hacking, quantum cryptography (theoretical), post-quantum cryptography (theoretical and implementation), theoretical condensed matter physics, and gravitational quantum information.

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