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  • AHS wins IOP Business 2020 Award
    Advanced Hall Sensors Ltd has developed and commercialised a highly novel compound semiconductor magnetic sensor based on the QWHE. The quantum nature of the design and materials structure delivers huge gains in dynamic range, sensitivity and temperature stability over competing... Read more
    Source: AHS - News Published on: Sep 16, 2020
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Specialising in the design and manufacture of high performance hall sensors

AHS is a technological leader in the design, development, manufacture, and testing of two Dimensional Electron Gas (2DEG)-based, non-contact Hall-effect Sensors. These devices detect magnetic fields and are used for both movement and position sensing in many applications from industrial motors, to automotive and aerospace sensing.

AHS utilises Molecular Beam Epitaxy techniques to manufacture thin film wafers, which are subsequently processed into Hall Sensor devices. There are three distinct stages to the device production process.

AHS has total control of all material parameters that are critical to the production of high quality devices using its in-house facilities:
- Wafer manufacturing
- Device Design
- Mass production

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