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Quantum Hardware

Quantum Hardware Outlook 2022

Big ticket investments have created a growing number of quantum unicorns. Chinese strides with photonic and superconducting qubits have grabbed attention. Trapped ions have shone with demonstrations of logical qubits. But who is winning the race to build a practical quantum computer?

Quantum Hardware Stack

Quantum Hardware Platforms – a brief overview

To understand the ambitious roadmaps of quantum hardware players we have to start by understand the contrasting advantages and challenges of each of their technology platforms. As we seek to scale up these solutions, the specific flavour of the technology being employed becomes increasingly important. This overview is taken from a presentation originally delivered at…

NV diamonds

NV diamonds

Our ability to fabricate in diamond has undergone a transformation that is perhaps not fully appreciated outside of the specialist community. Diamond is another material well suited to hosting qubits. Point defects in a diamond lattice act in many ways like isolated atoms and can be used to form qubits. Nitrogen-vacancy colour centres are widely…